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Best trolling speed

best trolling speed of thrust = 36 volts, 3 batteries I have a troll-a-matic on my 115 and this plate will get my trolling speed under 1 mph. This article includes my strategic tips for salmon trolling to put more fish in your boat. 7 to about 2. The best trolling speed is the speed that gives your pike lure of choice the best action as it moves through the water. 5 mph with great success. If you’re trolling through weedy areas, you’ll want to use a weedless rig, and I suggest using a jitterbug, chugger, or something similar. This allows you to work an entire area quickly, and the speed will not deter a wary hoo from savagely striking your spread. I have broken down the different categories of speeds and what they are best for. You can get good clues from watching your rod tips. If you are trolling too fast your dodger will start rotating which will twist up your line and you will lose the ideal motion on your lure. 5 to 3. Speed Most anglers don’t fully appreciate the vital role speed plays in trolling, which may explain why trolling is a hit-or-miss proposition for so many. 5 mph though you could try just breaking off two of the three blades on your current prop. of thrust = 24 volts, 2 batteries 101-112 lbs. In the age of powerful outboard engines, there's still a need for slow-trolling your baits. This unit offers durability and Advanced Level Trolling Tips For Trout And Landlocked Salmon by Cal Kellogg | posted in: How-Tos | 0 An angler that has a basic grasp of trolling tactics both with and without downriggers will catch plenty of trout and salmon throughout the course of the season, yet there are advanced tactics and tricks that can help elevate your success rate The best albacore trolling speeds are within a range of six (6) and eight (8) knots. If I had to pick only one speed for walleye trolling, it would probably be around the 2 mph mark. trolling speed. Precision Trolling (link) sells an app that contains detailed depth charts for hundreds of different hard baits. Trolling with an 11” flasher gives these fish a focal point with which they can get slack line. Slow trolling up one side and down the other of this line, or try zig-zagging across it (stay out of the way of large vessels). 5k Views. Indicators like the Acctrol that hang over the side of the boat are better. What makes this trolling motor stand out in the crowd is its unique co-pilot feature. These trolling bags are mold, mildew, and UV resistant. 0 mph and you should entice some nice trout to hammer these flies. Often the very best holes are located in places where the tidal current is strong. 5 mph speeds. Vary your trolling speed until you start catching fish. but there are days where the 2-3 mark is what you need. The No. 2. The best time to high speed is from the first light to when the sun comes up or the last hours of light in the evening. to 20 trout and lady fish. At holds, it together is constructed of durable stainless steel. With all things being equal and with no concern with high end speed the question is: If I change the prop pitch will it affect my trolling speed? If yes, should I increase or decrease the pitch to slow down The best trolling speed is the speed that gives your pike lure of choice the best action as it moves through the water. In this type of fishing lines with lures or baitfish are drawn through the water at a consistent speed. 2 mph. That being said, don’t be afraid to change your speed if things aren’t working! Once the water hits the 50 degree mark in late April, steelhead usually head out of the Bay and into the main lake. 2 mph to be the best trolling speed for catching kokanee. Cloud Mountain 36/40/46/50/55/60/86 LBS Thrust 8 Speed Electric Trolling Motor. I have had crappie bite at 1. You can add them to a downsized hook perfect for the mouth of a trout, but still give off enough flair and length to make sure fish will come after your line from all over the water column. 5 knots for blue marlin. Not ideal but it’s compact, light weight, and reels nicely. Speed: The colder the water, the slower you will usually want to troll. One of the nice things about bucktail jigs is that they'll work well at a wide range of speeds. 2 mph. In the Adirondacks the Lake Clear Wabbler is the most common way to troll for brook trout but the speed to make the Wabbler work is different than the speed I like for my streamers so I rarely use them. In addition to this, all the hardware things. There are differences of opinion about the "best" trolling speed or speed range. This allows us to produce the best quality propeller. That’s quick! In order to keep your baits below the surface, you need to use an in-line sinker between 24 oz and 32 oz to stay down deep. Your article is the best I’ve ever seen on trolling for brook trout. You would have to have an extremely low pitch to drop your dead slow speed to 1. 4 is 2 5/8. Trolling Speed for Most blades work best when worked with speeds between. 5mph. Buttons to turn the motor left or right. Crankbaits produce the vast majority of the DD walleye caught every year on the Great Lakes. Many can be operated via a foot pedal or remote control. Generally 1. Considering that the best trolling motors go up to 100lbs of thrust or more, you can find the right motor size for your vessel quite easily. com Trolling for crappie is one of the very best and easiest ways to catch these tasty fish all year long. 5 knots. Use a speed of about 1 to 2 mph (1. With just 15 pounds of weight, this item has been made to ensure that your movement is as sleek as possible. 7 or 0. Optima Lightweight Trolling Motor Battery. Fish Hawk provides critical water temp and depth information for salmon fishing using its highly accurate temperature and water pressure sensors down to 300-feet. My favourite trolling speed is 1. Goplus Electric 8 Speed – Best 36-inch Trolling Motor For a Canoe With Handle Review The Goplus Electric 8 Speed is an affordable 46-pound thrust trolling motor that is built to give you years of service. Trolling for bass has four primary advantages: it allows you to cover a lot of water in a rapid manner and locate fish; it is effective for catching bass at depths where most of us are uncomfortable with normal cast-and-retrieve techniques; it provides very precise depth and speed control; and, the accuracy of lure presentation in relation to A lot of high-speed trolling is done for wahoo because of how fast the fish are, and that means a lot of wear and tear on your equipment. Capt. Some people find it too oily and/or fishy tasting. Changing conditions like wind, current, and the state of the ocean affect which speed will be best. The first is 0-4 knots called bump trolling. The Goplus 8-Speed Electric Trolling Motor is an excellent value buy for those seeking an affordable option with impressive performance stats for the cost!. 5 mph and 2 mph. A lot of trollers use their main motor for trolling which can cause them to move too fast without some modifications. (so you can also do other types of trolling for crappie if you wish. This tactic will give you a wider spread when trolling two spoons, preventing tangles and improving lure action. A kayak travels at the perfect speed to troll a lure. You want to have a variety of crappie rigs trolling at the same time at a variety of different depths. 4 mph creates the best action jerk baits, you will need to test different speeds to determine the correct speed to create the best action for the pike lure Speed: The colder the water, the slower you will usually want to troll. When you’re trolling for kokanee, the speed that works the best is somewhere around 1. Trolling Speed. 1 mph and set the Auto-Pilot and I literally didn’t have to mess with steering for hours. 8 and 3. Shimano Talica Big Game Offshore Fishing Reel; 16. This equates to 143' of line out to reach 100' of water depth. They follow the baitfish. Trolling the edge, and other currents with heavy bait concentrations, as well as Weedlines and Flotsam While many people say that high speed trolling at 14 knots is the way to find and catch Wahoo, it can be very expensive and loud. 8 miles per hour to 1. The slower the speed, the more you will be able to get your lure at a deeper spot. Typically, dodgers run better at 1. I also recommend the Yozuri Bonito behind a lighter wahoo weight. Since the bite can vary from day to day, that’s a good speed to gauge how the bite is that day. . Walleyes will still react, regardless of the speed, but you’ll put more walleyes in the boat around that 0. Shimano Calcutta Conventional Baitcasting Reel; 21. If the bay or estuary has a pretty standard depth of, say, ten feet, then a 12- to 15-foot hole is noteworthy. It’s best to keep your speed at or below two miles per hour, and ideally between 1. Much slower speeds are used when trolling for Kokanee. If you’re trolling for deep water bass, let out 100 yards of line between the rod and the lure. Get true running depth of copper, leadcore, and dispsey lines. If current is affecting the bait speed, the difference in rod bend and vibration may clue you in. With 50 feet of line out, you would be 44 feet deep at a velocity of 1. It’s a 55-pound thrust motor capable of moving a boat that is 2250 pounds when fully loaded at 5 miles per hour at full power. 8 speed is best achieved with the trolling motor, correct? Mike1234 LIKED above post 08-14-2018, 09:38 PM #5. Serious crankbaiters utilize MinnKota’s I-Pilot on an electric drive trolling motor. AQUOS Haswing 12V 55LBS 54" Shaft Bow Mount Electric Trolling Motor with Wireless Remote Control, Variable Speed, for Bass Fishing Boat Freshwater and Saltwater Use 5. The rods come in a variety of lengths so they can be fished without getting lines crossed and they have plenty of backbone for pulling crankbaits at speeds up to 3 miles per hour plus the added strain of a slab crappie on the end of the line. 8 to 1. While muskie trolling, keep the boat moving at a slow pace. This is an ideal speed if sea conditions are accommodating. What I considered to be What do you guys think the optimal trolling speed is for salmon the past 2 yrs I've used my kicker motor trolling 2 -2. 1. 8 and then with a 4 blade they slowed down to about 1. My boat is trolling too fast at the lowest rpms of my 40hp 2 stroke mercury outboard. 5 MPH. Guide Dale Wilson with a nice striper caught in winter on Virginia’s Smith Mountain Lake. The best trolling speed for salmon will lie somewhere in the range of 1. Listen up as we discus the perfect trolling speed when pulling natural baits and artificial lures for various game fish including king mackerel, dolphin, wah Often. 4 mph creates the best action jerk baits, you will need to test different speeds to determine the correct speed to create the best action for the pike lure Speed probably is the most important aspect of trolling, but I don’t know any magic formula for determining what speed is best under a given set of conditions. Kokanee are an aggressive fish by nature. However, you should not choose a kayak motor that is too big. The speed at which trolling lines are set to vary, though many anglers agree that one to two miles per hour is a good starting point Visibility or water clarity also play a factor in deciding how fast to troll. Land your catch, touch the "run/idle" switch again, and the control restores the throttle speed to your original trolling speed. Trolling speed and lure behavior. 5 mph to prevent loading your tackle up with too much tension. Typically, dodgers run better at 1. I generally aim to troll at about 1. Pastebin. Other necessary equipment for trolling are as follows: Rod Holder. Fine-tune your trolling program with the new DRx-10 from Depth Raider. 5 or even 1 mile per hour) when using live bait. 5 to 2. 3 version is 2 1/8 inches long, while the No. 5 and 3 mph. Sure, you may already know that X mph is an ideal trolling speed for species Y. Some of the best fishing action, in saltwater and freshwater, happens when trolling at less than 2 mph. I have my best luck between. This is precisely what the best trolling motor should do for you- help your kayak, boat, or other vessel move at a steady pace, while you concentrate on fishing. Typically, dodgers run better at 1. Made of stainless steel hardware, the U-BCOO 8-Speed Trolling Motor is a great option for kayaks and small watercraft. Early on in the season, when the water is still cold, it’s best to use a slow trolling speed under 1 mph, and speeds of 0. Walleye Trolling Speed. Everyone is correct here though these are speed tolerant and you can catch fish on them mixed with other lures. Your 55lb thrust trolling motor will not go faster than 5 miles/hour or 9 km/hour. Fine-tune your trolling program with the new DRx-10 from Depth Raider. The Troll Speed Indicator allows you to maintain the precision control and critical speed needed to consistently catch fish. The general rule is to troll as fast as possible, while ensuring that the bait is working correctly. 8 to 2. You can also use #1 or #0 Mepps, Panther Martins, Moose Spoons, tiny DareDevils, Nasty Boyz or Blue Foxes. On rivers, you don't need to put much effort into speed since you can cruise along with the current but be sure the boat is continuously moving [source: Devine]. Many spoons and body baits will tolerate faster speeds, if you want to cover water at 3 mph or slightly faster. One of the most exciting forms of fishing is also one of the most devastating to your tackle. Understanding your spread is the key to high speed trolling effectively. If you are not trying to get somewhere fast but all you care about are Wahoo, high speed trolling is recommended for the same reasons as point 1 above. These spoons are designed to be trolled above 3. I think the speed probe will really help me when trolling up on Lake Superior. The thing with the 4 strokes and using the main to troll, is the maint . U-BCOO 8 Speed – Best Kayak Saltwater Trolling Motor With Telescopic Handle Review This U-BCOO 8 Speed multipurpose trolling motor is compact, lightweight, and easy to install . 3 or No. 8 and 3. XXX. PRO TIPS; Make sure you incorporate some turns in your trolling pattern!! Trolling Speed ; The most important thing is to have your flasher AND bait working as they were designed to do. The old school was 2 to 2. 8 will not get the desired effect from flashers and dodgers. Speed: The colder the water, the slower you will usually want to troll. Keeping it simple helps with the headaches. Courtesy of On the Water Magazine | 2020. 8 to 1. If you’re close to the outskirts of weed beds, trolling with a jitterbug slowly works well when the line is about 50 feet behind the boat. The DRx-10 measures precise speed and temperature at the lure so you can quickly find thermoclines and temperature breaks, and adjust trolling speeds for the most productive lure presentation. Transom mounted trolling motors can be used for low speed operation or as auxiliary power. High Speed trolling can be utilized when traveling to and from fishing spots. 5 mph - not the 37 feet deep at 2 mph. Generally 1. This 30 pound thrust output motor is mounted on a durable 30” adjustable shaft with all the features you need to have a great trolling motor at a budget price. Many spoons and body baits will tolerate faster speeds, if you want to cover water at 3 mph or slightly faster. For this reason, it is a good idea to troll somewhat erratically. Vary your trolling speed until you start catching fish. TROLLMaster, the world’s leading remote throttle control for gas powered auxiliary outboards. Well it depends on what you're hoping to catch. 5 to 3. If you ran it continuously at the highest speed (5 MPH) the battery would last two hours, Speed 4 – 4 hours, speed 3 – 8 hours, speed 2-12 hours, and the lowest speed 1 -16 hours. Trolling Speed for Marlin. com is the number one paste tool since 2002. On warm and sunny days, best success can be achieved at dawn and dusk. I personally prefer trolling for Wahoo at 8-9 knots as it is much more relaxing. However, before you do find that your catch rate has improved, you will need to identify the correct speed to troll at and the first thing to look at is the nature of the striped bass. Faster than 1. 3 MPH. 0 mph and can be most effective when trolled at a speed of 3. It has a choice of pounds of thrust depending on whichever model version is selected. At the other extreme, the Apex can be very successful at speeds as high as four or five knots. Typically crankbaits are designed to reach optimal performance around 2 mph, but they can still be effective when used at speeds between 1. Table of Contents . Look for birds – either a flock of birds diving or a solitary frigate bird. If you start to run at speeds above 2. Trolling speed will depend on the lure that you are trolling. Let me explain each of these briefly. 14-20 KNOTS - NO TROLLING WEIGHT NEEDED! The Banchee highspeed lure can be trolled 14-20 knots with "No Trolling Weight Needed"! This eliminates all the wire line and knot tying. 5 mph. Generally 1. 5 mph is a better speed for chinook salmon, and you will be fishing even deeper at the lower velocity. If you spook some flying fish while trolling, chances are dolphin will be in the area. Get the best one you can Trollers after early- and late-season walleye are going to find that speeds ranging from 0. I have a 24v 70# powerdrive v2 and a 90 hp Mercury. The small lures become very effective and run well at this speed. Add in the erratic movement of the lure that is inherent with paddling a kayak and you have yourself a combination that makes the fish go wild. This may produce some fish for you. In terms of trolling speed, we suggest running at a speed so that the bars are dancing and bouncing on the surface, with a very natural presentation. Getting old, don’t know how much longer I can kayak, had to get a boat, don’t plan on stopping fishing as long as I’m upright. Shimano TLD Two Speed Conventional Trolling Reel; 15. 5 mph with fair success this past weekend I was out and due to the wind decided main motor was my best bet to keep in a straight line. The actual trolling control setting is programmed into the engine’s ECU and once the engine is in gear, the helmsman simply needs to push the “Troll Mode” switch to engage it. Watched a show on versus the other day and it showed how you can get your trolling speed down just by changing the number of blades on your prop. They should be flexing and pulsing to look like a nervous school of bait. Also, be sure to leash the rods to the boat! Speeds: 5 Forward, 3 Reverse. 5 mph. Original Clark Spoon (right) “A classic high-speed trolling lure, the Clark Spoon wildly kicks and flashes, calling in bonito and other pelagics from a distance. Using a Kipawa allows anglers/boaters a more enjoyable and convenient fishing/boating experience. If you’re looking to add a trolling motor to your kayak, we’ve put together a list of the best High speed trolling for wahoo is a popular fishing method used to catch wahoo. At least some lures have a "sweet" speed for the best action. whats the best AVG trolling speed for Mahi Mahi in MPH? Aloha, new boat owner thats yet to get a mahi. 8 to 2. These torpedo-shaped brawlers can chase down the swiftest of any bait, easily striking lures traveling 18 knots or more. Speed: The colder the water, the slower you will usually want to troll. Once it has been activated, the engine’s speed can be adjusted in 50rpm intervals simply by pressing the Troll Mode control switch from idle up to 1200rpm. 4. Jigs that have a red head and a white or yellow body. The Happy Troller® from Davis Instruments is one of the best options in low-speed trolling. The main motor pushes me anywhere from 3-4 mph. At nine knots, the real depth of the lure will be approximately half that indicated on the downrigger depth meter. For the very best results, however, you’ll want a trolling rod. This is probably one of the most important factors making sure your lures are running right. One of the keys to our program up there is to be able to position baits within 5′ or so of some pretty craggy rock structures using leadcore so speed control is important as you all know. So depending on how much you troll, by the time you factor in increased maintance, b BLOW BACK ; Your trolling speed & current will make a difference here, usually you want your downrigger line angle to be about 45 degrees no matter what actual speed you are traveling. If you think you need more, step up to the 54. Kokanee tend to follow your gear for miles around the lake until something changes. 2-MPH trolling speed. 2 MPH. Low & Slow: Trolling at 0. Troll the lure behind your boat at a steady speed. Six to seven knots is a rule of thumb with naturals or when mixing naturals with artificial lures. This is not really as much of trolling as much as it is giving a live bait direction to swim. Chapter 1 - Fundamentals Chapter 2 - How to Find and Attract Salmon Chapter 3 - Downriggers, Rods, Reels Etc. dead bait on wog-head rig (which come with a synthetic skirt), or chin-guard rig with coloured plastic octopus. One item that is crucial, though, is a good depth finder. It takes alot of high quality gear to get this job done right. I’ve switched to talica 16. Most anglers troll between 1. iTroll videos and feature chart. . 5 knots (but watch the rod—when it is pulsing rhythmically, that’s the sweet spot) Tip: Outfit the boat with rod holders that position the rods parallel to the water. The key to trolling in the spring is to fish slower than normal. You hear people talk about rips. Besides the 46 pounds thrust, you can also choose from the 55 and 60 pounds thrust models. Our Top Reommendations. Try different speeds and don’t be shy to make aggressive sharp turns. Con: It burns a lot of gas. Minn Kota Terrova Bow Mount Bluetooth Trolling Motor With I-Pilot Link US2. I set my trolling motor to a speed that dialed in 2. Your trolling speed should be between 1 to 2 MPH, with several turns in both directions. I generally try to keep my speed in the range of 1. Trolling for fish that patrol the currents of the open ocean, like tuna, wahoo, dorado (aka mahé mahé, mahi mahi or dolphin fish), kingfish and their large mackerel cousins, 5 to 8 knots seems to do the trick. The currents up there can be very strong and are constantly changing. When using worm harnesses or long lining plugs, I prefer a . If you troll faster than 2 mph, you run the risk of tangling your line and losing the desired action on your lure. Motorguide X3 Foot Control Trolling Motor. Once you have the spread dialed in, you can start to mess with your angles and overall presentation. Wahoo, who are known for their bursts of speed, are often caught when trolling around 10-12 knots. , even in a higher speed spread. Now, when I say "around", thats what I mean. 5 miles per hour, but slow down to a crawl (1. iTroll throttle controller allows you to maintain the ideal trolling speed. Speed relates to the behavior of the fish you seek; the type of lure or bait being used; and to boat maneuvering techniques. With this power you can easily reach a speed of 10 km/h or more, which is a good speed to get to your destination fast and still comfortable. Trolling rods are designed to absorb the force when a large fish hits the hook. 7-2 MPH. 8 to 2. When trolling from a boat, for example, almost any casting rod would work, as the boat drags the lure or bait through the water at the desired speed. On some days you may have to inch your boat along to get strikes. When trolling larger crankbaits you can troll at the higher end speeds up to around 3 mph. The trolling motor’s maximum speed is around 5 mph no matter how many lbs (pounds) of thrust it provides. 5 mph- he’ll slow down in dingier water. There’s a 36-pound one, and 40, 46, 50, 55, 60 and 86-pound versions too. Log the rpm, speed, conditions, types of lures and positions so that you can get it right each time you troll. The Cloud Mountain LBS Thrust Electric Trolling Motor is an interesting product. Each Kipawa is made up of a nylon and glass composite for Strength, Durability and Quality. While price isn’t a central aspect, it does determine how much you’ll get out of your motor. Trolling Downrigger. What is the best speed to troll for kingfish, billfish or other species? by Captain David M Rieumont 13. From now on into spring, troll them high and troll them around 3. Most anglers troll between 1. It showed a 17-18 ft size boat with what looked like a 70 hp motor. Can you eat lake trout? The short answer is yes you can eat trout. 1. Best-rated Trolling Motor Battery Reviews 1. Personally, I find 1. Some anglers have even gone as high as 4 mph with good results. The X3 motor from Motorguide is an advanced motor which offers top performance, energy efficiency, and ultimate durability for anglers looking for the best bang for buck ratio. > Second only to speed, the next concern…is lure action. What is the best way to reduce speed for trolling? My lowest speed at idle is 2. Shimano Tekota 600 Line Counter Reel; 20. They will start trolling at 1. 5 mph is the accepted speed range, but this year we’ve been burning them at 3. Normally when power trolling fishermen normally place rods on both sides of the boat. 5 mph and the average direction is straight, so this must be achieved while being able to manage poles and catch fish at the same time. Anthony Mendillo; Isla Mujeres, Mexico; 41-foot Michael Fitz, Keen M. Versatility and variety are the spices of life, and when infused into your next kayak trolling motor, they make for a serious upgrade to your fishing life. Some days When you are trolling your speed should be between 2 and 4 miles an hour. 4 strokes require much more, & more moving parts than your old motor. Most saltwater fishermen like to troll at speeds between 2 and 9 knots. 8 mph. “It’s like fishing 3 days instead of 1 — your odds go way up. 7 mph with an electric motor is the ideal speed for Trolling equipment - The average speed is 1. This method is best used with the 3-way sinker rig in deeper water, but you can also troll in shallower water with split shot for weight. Small Cleos or a small Mepps Cyclopes are also good but you have to shorten the lead line because these lures are heavy. Too fast or too slow? Australian lure-maker and angling expert Peter Pakula shares his insight on the correct trolling speed to attract marlin, sailfish and other pelagics like tuna, mahimahi and wahoo. Best Overall: Penn International VIS 2 Speed Fishing Reel; Best Tuna Spinning Reel: Shimano Stella SWB; Best Tuna Trolling Reel: Shimano Tiagra; Best Conventional Jigging Reel: Avet HXJ Two Speed Reel; Best Tuna Popping Reel: Shimano Saragosa SWA; Best Value: Penn Fathom Lever Drag Two-Speed; Tuna Rod & Reel Combo: Penn Squall Level Drag Reel & Rod One trolling technique that remains consistent when targeting predator fish, such as Rainbow and Lake Trout, is to alter your speed. Keep in mind that by trolling at six or seven knots, the water pressure will cause the cable to bow, so let out a third more cable than actually indicated on the counter. The stripers can easily find and attack a lure within that speed range. Optima D34M BlueTop AGM starting battery is an excellent choice for your trolling motor or RV. , 2. 8-4. With this app, you have access to wireless GPS control, can track previous paths, can record current paths, etc. Trolling Speed The Apex maintains its vibrating action at a wide range of speeds; it has a strong shaking and rolling action even at speeds as slow as 1. 5 to 1 mph. 2 mph. most have been listed. 6 to 3. 7 mph when trolling. As per my research which includes breaking down some motors -_-. 2 km/hour), slower if using a jointed thin minnow. One more mechanical feature that sets some trolling reels apart from casting reels is a built-in line counter. They are spring loaded and you never have to worry about lifting them. Trolling for kings is done at relatively slow speeds. It also depends on what specie you are after. This is a general rule of thumb though, so always be willing to pick it up or slow it down. If you’re using a traditional, single fixed frequency Broadband or digital sonar, we recommend 200kHz for water depths up to 200' and 80kHz or 50kHz for deeper waters. Theopen faced head provides virtually no resistance and keeps these lures running at ridiculously high speeds! If you are just starting out fishing, you don’t need an ultra expensive trolling rod. Two mph is a good trolling speed for coho salmon, but a speed of 1. Once you have located your catch, most experienced yellow fin fishermen agree it is best to troll past your catch without changing speed, and come back to the fish, maintaining a consistent trolling speed of between five to eight miles an hour. Live baits are pulled from idle speed to 2 knots so they won’t spin or tire quickly, and you can mix in dead baits as long as you keep the speed around 2 knots. Different models are designed to work best within certain speed ranges. Most trolling motor owners would be happy to run a Newport 60-lbs trolling motor off this battery for a number of hours including running at top speed for bursts to get out into a good position, and trolling around for several hours with minimal, if any, concern over power levels. 2kph), but I’m not fussed if I go a bit quicker or slower with the minnows and crankbaits I use. What is the best trolling speed? Lake trout prefer a slow presentation so make sure you aren’t moving too fast when trolling. Typically, dodgers run better at 1. The worst part about wahoo fishing is the tangles. Top Spot fishing charts N-218 (Cape Canaveral) or N-220 (east Florida offshore) will give you some other places to try. . The best part is that all these materials are corrosion-resistant, making the trolling motor perfect for saltwater use. A few simple steps can be easily modified for any lake where crappie live. Finding the right speed is key in consistently catching kokanee. Much better performance than a bag/sock or buckets. Robertson says he can cover almost 3x as much water with spoons versus spinner rigs. 7-1. 0-2. Capt. You can add 5 to 10 feet to your overall depth if you slow down to 1 or 1. I, for one, don't believe that there is any such thing in most cases, depending of course, on what kind of lures you are trolling. Baits are commonly In theory, if you are looking to power our 55lb thrust trolling motor at full speed for roughly two hours, you will need roughly 100 amp hours. Some days Trolling speeds and techniques. Good Luck « I am guessing the . It has a 55-pound thrust and 8 speeds (5 forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds). Then make repeated passes over the productive water. The best trolling speed is the speed that gives your pike lure of choice the best action as it moves through the water. 4 mph. The truth is, there is no “best speed” to troll, it all depends on the situation and the baits you pull. This can jump Common lure trolling speeds will vary from six knots to 12 knots. I still like to troll in slight S-curves. Establishing the correct trolling speeds is necessary when it comes to Kokanee fishing. 4-Watersnake Venom Swet 12V Electric Trolling Motor. e. Salmon Fishing Techniques by Dick Pool View all chapters Introduction. On the top of the MinnKota Endura motor are markings, actually a reference graph that show how many hours your boat will run at speeds 1 thru 5. Shimano Torium Conventional Saltwater Reel; 17. 4 mph creates the best action jerk baits, you will need to test different speeds to determine the correct speed to create the best action for the pike lure If it doesn't a beaver tail/trolling plate can be had on ebay for $50 used, $80-100new. We don’t want to do anything to help them like slow down. The baits we use are normally better when trolled slower anyways. Several trollers use the main motor for trolling. Dialing it In on Your Trolling Speed. They may then vary this speed from as slow as. The jigs should have a variety of different weights. For the most part, you need to be trolling at a speed of 14 to 15 knots. 2mph. That being said, as an angler, you will probably enjoy the lower speed setting more than you would, the higher speed setting; those are best for cruising. Once they are on the surface do your best to keep the flasher out of the water. This trolling motor is intended to be mounted on kayaks, and its 24-inch shaft makes it ideal for trolling in shallow water. Whether you're fishing for billfish, striped bass, or walleye, finding the best trolling speed is imperative. The GPS on a cell phone is a great way to check trolling speeds! Follow another trolling boat and maintain a constant distance from it if you’re unsure at what speed to troll. Its no secret that most of you troll around 8. Check Latest Price. Most of the times I've been out this year, it varies around that depending on the direction I'm trolling, but the speed is always somewhere in that 2. If you’re on a limited budget but still want a unit that can deliver, then you should consider the U-BCOO 8-Speed Trolling Motor. Trolling motors are generally mounted in one of two places – the bow or transom. Does anyone have any input on the type and size drift sock that I would need? I have a Dauntless 14 with a Mercury 75HP two-cycle. During the fall, Maina’s average trolling speed is 3. Often I stop trolling because it takes to long to get where I’m going, takes time to catch and release 10. In this episode I go over some trolling speed basics, the fundamentals about speed what to pay attention to when out sport fishing. 8 mph can work extremely well at this time of the year. Best trolling motor battery. Additionally, this 8-speed trolling motor features five forward speeds and three reverse speeds. Keep in mind that "deep" is a relative term. 8 and 3. 7 on a calm day. The way that I am dialing in the speed without a depth raider is as follows. 5 mph maximum. . Vary your trolling speed until you start catching fish. In that case, the best trolling rods for wahoo will be ones designed to stan dup to the abuse. 5 to 2. com . 5 mph. Its structure makes it all round ground-breaking and gives an amazingly hardcore drag fundamental in such conditions. It your speed allows your bait to occasionally break the surface, that is even better. 8 miles per hour has been observed as the best speed to troll for Kokanee salmon. I tried 40” drift socks off the bow eye and off the back and both made the Pros4-1Source is a select group of OutdoorsFIRST Media's staff of writers and videographers skilled in hunting and fishing based in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. However, if you enjoy spending time in turbulent waters, with fast-moving currents, it would be a good idea to get a trolling motor with more thrust. 5 mph. Most boats have trouble trolling slowly. 5 and 1. Deep Water Trolling. But I think the best solution is a trolling motor. Dodgers are designed to dart from side to side without much spinning. 8 mph creates the best action for most crankbaits and 2. In most cases, 2. 4 mph creates the best action jerk baits, you will need to test different speeds to determine the correct speed to create the best action for the pike lure 14. Generally 1. 55 lbs. Allen DeSilva; Hamilton, Bermuda; 65-foot Hatteras, Es Mucho. This device operates on a simple, mechanical measurement of speed that accounts for the exact conditions your lure is running in. Trolling crankbaits for crappie requires some commitment on the angler’s part. Trolling rods are generally shorter and stiffer than rods used for drift fishing or casting. Most anglers troll between 1. High speed trolling all the way up to 20kts can best take advantage of this, which allows you to cover more ground than your traditional trolling speed when targeting tuna, dolphin, and marlin. I now have a skinny boat, I catch more fish from kayak. The bottom line: which speed is best can vary depending on factors ranging from the shape of your boat's hull to the fish's mood. 5 mph for Chinook and 3 to 4 mph for Coho. But as with most things – you obtain the best results with attention to details and some additional, focused effort. 2 miles per hour. 1 mph range. 5. 5mph all the way up to 2. With a 3 blade they slowed down to about 2. You really need speed over ground, and not rely on your speedometer wheel type counter. Crankbaiting with B’n’M poles Pro Staff Trolling rods is the way to go. 3. When you get down to choosing a trolling motor that is the best fit for your fishing and boating needs, you have several decisions to make based on the environment the trolling motor is designed for, the boat position the motor is designed to be mounted, and the method that the trolling motor is controlled. 5 – 2. 0 mph using a gps as the speed In general when you are trolling for Trout you want to go as slow as you can and get motion out of your lures. 8 to 2. 5 mph and the average direction is straight, so this must be achieved while being able to manage poles and catch fish at the same time. 5 mph). All the trolling motors are made for short distances. . A default speed I like to start off with is 2. It takes a bit of experimenting to get the speed right, but for typical bass crankbaits it's anywhere from 2 to 4 mph--you can tell prime speed because that's where the rod bows up most. Shimano Tekota Levelwind Trolling Reel; 19. The motor is able to produce up to 35 pounds of thrust when it is at maximum speed. Indicates how much battery power your trolling motor requires. Many spoons and body baits will tolerate faster speeds, if you want to cover water at 3 mph or slightly faster. In a way it will help some of us stuck in the 1. 8 mph to 1. Well I’m here to testify that Krocodiles are also very good trolling lures and work well at a range of speeds. The lure dives up to 10 feet deep and can handle trolling speeds up to 13 knots. 3 mph range. The on-board water pressure sensor provides true depth information. The X4D Probe gathers water temperature, trolling speed and depth information at the downrigger ball and uses a sonar signal to send that data back to the boat. They are best on our boat fished on a 5 to 6 foot leader behind a wire dipsey. The Saltwater fishing reel 30 wide 2-speed big game fishing reel is in no doubt a capable dominator among its peers of fishing trolling reels. Some of the best inshore trolling spots are located near deep-water drop-offs. Lets take a look at some of the best trolling motors: Russ, Ideal trolling speed is an age-old question, one that is probably influenced more by individual experience than anything else. Considering that the load is ideal and nature is helping you. A good trolling speed for lures is around 2 to perhaps 2. It is better to start with a default speed, i. And even worse, it can change from hour to hour, much less day to day. Deane Lambros; Point Pleasant, New Jersey; 48-foot Viking. 5 mph? If it doesn’t, you will find it difficult to produce all the types of fish in all types of conditions. Fine tuning the speed will vary on a day to day basis. Crankbaits are also excellent tools to enlist when trolling. 6. ” This low speed and quiet performance make flat-lining with your main powerplant a very relaxing and effective pastime. A 5 mph maximum speed might seem slow but this is what makes them so perfect for fishing. The Tekota A is more rugged than its predecessors thanks to Coreprotect, water resistance, and the rigid Hagane Body. 7 to 2. I have the best success either No. In practical terms, a trolling motor with adequate thrust for your boat and common conditions will achieve the following: Allow your boat to get on plane easily Cruise at roughly 3-4mph Trolling depth estimator Calculate how deep you are fishing by entering your trolling speed, and your rig information. The best trolling motors come at a high price. . ) Look for structure, turbulance swirls and working birds. Trolling Speed: 2. You’ll need 1 battery for every 12 volts in your trolling system. The weight of the jig will determine how deep you are trolling. If you look for a trolling reel that would convey an outstanding presentation in a saltwater competition, at that point the Penn Squall Drag 2 Speed Trolling framework may be best. Please tell us how fast or slow you troll for walleyes to be successful and what works best for you, harnesses or stick baits or tail dancers ect. The wind had died down to a halt and we were trolling in 8 feet of water. Our props are made in the United States. When I purchased my new boat, the Blue Max with two 454 engines, trolling slowly was a problem Trolling also takes lures deep—down in the 15- to 40-foot range where most stripers hang out for the bulk of the year. Having rod holders set up behind your boat is the best solution for keeping your rods steady throughout the expedition. A trolling motor that will go as slow as physically possible. I am considering a drift sock of some type to reduce speed to about 1. These talented professionals publish news of the day and live coverage of events in the freshwater sportfishing, hunting , and marine industries. Trolling equipment - The average speed is 1. Vary your trolling speed until you start catching fish. Serious crankbaiters utilize MinnKota’s I-Pilot on an electric drive trolling motor. Best Saltwater Baitcasting Reels 2021 - Top 10 Reviewed! Best Saltwater Trolling Rods 2021 - Top 10 Reviewed! Best Line Counter Reels 2021 - Top 10 Reviewed! Best Bow Mount Trolling Motor 2021 - Top 10 Reviewed! Best Tuna Trolling Lures 2021 - Top 10 Reviewed! Best Saltwater Fishing Lures 2021 - Top 10 Reviewed! 7. Trolling at an average speed of . The best trolling speed is the speed that gives your pike lure of choice the best action as it moves through the water. As mentioned above, choosing the best trolling motor for your boat requires some research and planning. My trolling pattern is between 80ft to 400ft zip zag between palm beach and Jupiter. Speed up or slow down – just break the pattern. I would like to troll cranks between 2 and 2. I’ll almost always troll at this speed and then the only thing I’ll have to worry about is changing the depth. Experienced trollers generally carry a selection that includes speed-trolling plugs, which attain their best action at speeds from 5 to 7 mph; slow-trolling plugs, which reach peak performance at only 1 to 2 mph; and plugs that operate best at intermediate speeds. Trolling doesn’t require expensive equipment. Here at The Angry Seas we predominately high speed troll for our Wahoo bites. Now that can vary throughout the year. 5 mph you may well end up making the dodger spin. Running the right wahoo trolling spread for high speed fishing shouldn't be complicated, but lots of fishermen struggle. Generally, we start slower early in the year and increase as the water warms up. Troll the area in a grid pattern until you start getting bites. The best trolling speed for spring walleye is from 0. . It comes with a 6-inch handle that makes it possible to steer your canoe in any direction with ease. We were trolling one of my favorite lakes and the trolling run was miles long and straight as an arrow. Shimano Tyronos II Conventional 2 Speed Reel; 18. Compare materials, construction and sizing when making your choice. By orignaleux, June 28, 2012 in Questions About Trout & Salmon Trolling? Share Followers 0. Trolling speed is critical for the lures to work properly and attract strikes. Get it now on Amazon. Live bait is also popular and effective, but requires a slower trolling speed (around 1. Sebago produces some excellent smallmouth fishing, especially in June. 8 mph creates the best action for most crankbaits and 2. But fish change their behavior patterns from hour to hour, much less day to day and week to week. Every component of the G2 trolling bags is the best available. On other days you must troll much faster to catch fish. 8 to 1. Does your boat troll at 1. Some kayak anglers prefer very low speeds. Best colours: bright fluoro colours, white, or dark colours ; maximum of one foot of single strand copper coloured wire; trolling speed 2-3 knots; troll structure, search for bait Reels designed for large saltwater fish do not feature level-wind systems because the moving parts can’t keep up with the speed of a running billfish or other large, hard-fighting species. Capt. Enter the U-BCOO 8-Speed Saltwater Trolling Motor! This trolling motor boasts an impressive 8-speeds (5 forward and 3 reverse) to give you options when scouting your next fishing spot. Switching to larger lures can also draw additional strikes from Yellowfin Tuna, Bluefin Tuna and Bigeye Tuna, all while attempting to keep the Skipjack away (unless fishing waters similar to the Pacific Northwest). 8 and 1. BEST-SELLING TROLLING MOTOR BATTERY COMPARISON CHART. 8 mph creates the best action for most crankbaits and 2. Many anglers employ a spread consisting of both downrigger and leadcore lines, staggered at different distances behind the boat and at different depths. This huge variety of speed options gives this trolling motor the kind of versatility that any angler would love to have on the water; you get to customize your boating experience to your liking. 2 mph. The most important piece of information I can express is trolling speed when fishing the Optimizer. The very best lure is a small Sutton Silver Spoon. They will usually strike if they think their prey might get away. Watch for flying fish. The tubes troll best at 1. Some days One of the only drawbacks to buying a quality 2-speed fishing reel is the cost; a few of the top shelf brands and models can range in cost from $1,000 to $2,000. Therefore, they aren’t ideal for cruise. orignaleux 0 Posted June 28, 2012. This is true when using a dodger as well. The depth you’ll want to troll will normally be between 20 and 40 feet. Trolling in a regular bass fishing boat with baits and lures at varying depths can be incredibly useful for upping your catch rate. 00 $ 549 . On some days - more than we all like - Lake Erie kicks up a bit, and the wind will determine trolling speed. However, you can high speed between spots as well. These spoons are designed to catch big fish, thus the reason for their size and shape. (Even slower when stalking stripers along a rip with the tube and worm rig. The Luhr Jensen Troll Speed Indicator measures troll speed accurately to within 1/10 of a knot and is unaffected by wind and waves. The best dodger trolling speed for lake trout is between 1. It possesses a 30 wide 2-speed which makes it a distinctive trolling reel in its execution of the smooth and effective fishing routine. Moreover, it is better to stay between three to four knots or 1. Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time. Pro: This speed covers a ton of water and excites the speedy wahoo. The Kipawa propellers were designed for electric trolling motors. And when using the Michigan Stinger Scorpion spoon, I generally increase the speed to 1. then the occasional days where you dont get hit under 4 mph. 5 mph (with consideration for whether I am moving with or against the current). However, we regularly have customers report using their 55lb motors off and on all day with a 50Ah battery, and only use half the charge. 7 feet long cable included. If you’re using a multi-bladed dodger, you should try and keep your speed closer to 1. Thanks PAP. But, most motors can’t slow down enough to reach this speed. See full list on wired2fish. With harnesses, the biggest key is to add enough weight so that the line is leaving the rod or planer board at a 45 degree angle to the water, relative to the speed you’re traveling. Fiberglass construction; 6′ to 8′ in length ‘Fast’ speed; Medium light power; 4-8# line; The above is actually a good general description for an all-purpose trout rod. You can do this by Trolling for largemouth bass works best by casting out at least 50 feet away from the boat and let the lure drag behind. Most trolling motors are electric and powered by batteries; however, most manufacturers don’t supply the batteries with their motors. Unlike when fishing for Rainbow Trout where the average speed is over 2mph, speeds for Kokanee range from. Even bought tiara 50 for high speed trolling and caught none. Rigged bait should look like they’re swimming in the water, whether you’re pulling ballyhoo, mullet, mackerel, or squid. Determine the depth the crappie are using. 5-2. After years of using other products for speed reduction for trolling, it became apparent that the other products, in some way had a shortcoming. It depends on a few things. Predator fish like to chase their prey! When a bait fish is trying to escape a predator, it doesn’t swim at one rate but rather they make quick bursts through the water. 5 mph. The chart above for determining your depth with the sliding dropper rig is estimated for 1. 25-2. Recommended Posts. Even if you’re fishing with a single rod, you wouldn’t want to keep holding it, especially since you’ll want to keep fishing while you drive the boat When I’m making a run to the other side of the lake I switch it to the highest speed and with another person in the boat we usually move at about 3 mph. If you can’t get your boat to slow down, you can try one of the following. 8 will outrun the salmon, while slower than . However, most crankbaits for walleye will perform best at around the 2 mph mark. 0mph – 2. 2 at the ball and typically a little faster on the speed over ground on your gps. cwright. Spring Trolling Speeds for Walleye. 5 mph to 3. Speeds in the 7-9 knot range will serve you well when targeting Marlin or other Billfish. 9 mph to as high as 1. Trolling with downriggers is an efficient method for catching salmon, and it’s real easy to do. 00 Trolling and kayaking seem like they were made for each other. iTroll HUNT Mode and dual motor software upgrades. This is an angler’s dream – maintain optimum trolling speeds to maximize your catch…salmon, steelhead, trout, walleye, tuna and more! Fishing at a trolling speed of 2. The foot switch is very responsive and functional. Checking the action near the surface at different speeds will help you find the sweet spot. That is enough to ensure that you have a faster-moving speed of your boat. Control your gas powered kicker throttle by turning a dial when you troll! Compare iTroll to MarineTech Products TrollMaster Pro | Pro2 | Pro 2 | Pro3 | Pro 3 and Magma's ControllKing. A 6 hp would do nicely. 5 mph produce the most bites. Here are some general specs on a basic trolling rod. 4 Krocs from 2. 8 and 3. When trolling inshore for bass 2 to 3 knots is about right, for mackerel maybe 2 to 4 knots. 8 mph creates the best action for most crankbaits and 2. 2 mph. Dual frequency sonars combine low-frequency/high-frequency and wide/narrow beam operation to give anglers the advantages of both. When a strike occurs, slow the speed of your boat but do not come to a stop, as fish can more easily spit out the hook, especially with treble hooks. ”. Minn Kota might be the single most recognized name in trolling motors and accessories. Trolling For Trout Tip 2: Cover Water. 0 to 4. Many spoons and body baits will tolerate faster speeds, if you want to cover water at 3 mph or slightly faster. The best trolling speed is the speed that gives your pike lure of choice the best action as it moves through the water. 8 miles per hour. With some high-speed lures approaching $100 (rigged), the benefits of creating your own will be apparent after a season of trolling. 75sog range. 5 MPH. When putting out a lure for trolling, watch it carefully near the side of the boat to see how it performs, then either slow or speed up the boat until the lure is Most trolling motor owners would be happy to run a Newport 60-lbs trolling motor off this battery for a number of hours including running at top speed for bursts to get out into a good position, and trolling around for several hours with minimal, if any, concern over power levels. Easy Steps for a Great High Speed Wahoo Lure. 8 mph creates the best action for most crankbaits and 2. 5mph is usually best. ) Most people who power troll for crappie troll at around 1. I am new to trolling and need some help getting to the right speed. If the water clarity is not very clear, it is harder for fish to see the lure going by at a higher speed. I think they sell these at Cabelas for around $60. 0 mph days understand what works and what doesn't. Know your boat and how best to optimize your fishing time with a productive spread. Optimal speed for trolling depends on the type of fish you are targeting and the bait you are presenting. So this, in itself, is a huge advantage to high speed trolling because if you cover more ground (it means more chance of running by a fish) which in turn equates to more strikes. Thick, meaty, and flaily grubs are the best. A trolling speed of 1. For cohos, my best speed this year has been around 2. The best trolling speed for any species is the one that gives your lure irresistible action as it Best Trolling Speed for Offshore Fishing. When you hook your catch, a quick touch of the "run/idle" switch places the engine throttle at idle. Below, you will find a variety of options, however, that will likely make your search easier. 5sog. Deadfalls and downed branches or trees are always good spots. Most anglers troll between 1. Since there is a myriad of saltwater trolling motors for sale, you’ll find one that fits your budget. of thrust or less = 12 volts, 1 battery 68-80 lbs. Not asking any spots, just lures and speed. Buckda: posted 06-23-2009 12:04 PM ET (US) Vary the speed of your troll if you have not attracted a fish. Ive been trolling about 5 mph with skirts and a hard rapalla type lure called a marauder. You can speed up and speed down by just pressing on the buttons. 4 mph creates the best action jerk baits, you will need to test different speeds to determine the correct speed to create the best action for the pike lure The unit is actually named after a type of fishing- trolling. ”. 7 knots (which is about 2mph or 3. Some days I have found that speed is a factor when trolling for crappie and you need a way to regulate it as current and winds will effect that speed more than you think a GPS is the only accurate way to monitor your speed since it is not effected by those things. 0 mph. . This is a simple online version of the Android app. While you might be able to throw a crankbait out behind the boat and hold the rod in hand until you get a bite, setting your boat up ahead of time with the right rod holders, rods, reels, and line are some of the necessities to insure success. Try to stay anywhere from 0. The I-Pilot is a Bluetooth-operated feature that enables you to have control over the speed and direction of the motor through a smartphone app. 5 mph depending on your exact setup. Trolling motor speed control. Generally 1. 5 mph. One reason to go with the same lure on all rods is that you can determine the best speed for that lure and stick with it knowing that all of the lines are running at their optimal speed. 0 out of 5 stars 2 $549. There's no need to leave the three- to five-miles-per-hour (five- to eight-kilometers-per-hour) range. Spinning footrest for comfort. 5 to 2. 3:1 gear ratio strikes a perfect balance for trolling with enough speed to rip in the spread, and enough power to handle the heavy resistance of a deep-diver or the serious weight of a mojo. Capable of reaching speeds of 60 mph wahoo can easily hit lures traveling at 18 mph. The DRx-10 measures precise speed and temperature at the lure so you can quickly find thermoclines and temperature breaks, and adjust trolling speeds for the most productive lure presentation. Perfect for slow trolling spinner rigs. 2mph, you want the tube to roll slowly, not spin. Many believe the high-speed fishing technique began when boats were heading to the fishing grounds in rough weather, when they could run only 12 to 18 knots. You of course need a boat and a trolling motor with variable speeds. Fortunately, not all good 2-speeds require that much initial cost outlay, although they are generally priced higher than single speed reels in the same The 6. I find that slowing my trolling speed helps these presentations fish best. Sure, racing over water is really cool. 5 to 9. 6 Ways to Troll Slow with Your Boat. 0 MPH is usually best when trolling dodgers. Dead-bait rigs work from 1 to 7 knots, and you can mix them with spoons if you keep the speed at over 3 knots. For most species of freshwater fish, that is usually in the 2-2. 8 mph most days. Pros: Great foot switch for a bass boat, Jon boat, Pontoon boat, and Inflatable boat. 14. 5 or 2 mph. ” You do the math. Effectively fishing in deep water requires the “tools of the trade” including downriggers and also diving planers shown at use here on the author’s boat. pull a drift sock, use the trolling motor or kicker, install a trolling plate, etc. View Profile View Forum Posts Vary your speed when the bite is slow. Pay close attention to the trolling speed as muskies can be patterned based on the speed of the lure. Once the optimum trolling speed has been established, the ConTrollKing "memorizes" that setting. Bow mounted trolling motors are usually used for low speed operation while fishing. At idle the 90 hp does about 2. Unless you want a dedicated rod/reel that’s really expensive with minimal return those TLD are awesome. There are options to slow down the boat. best trolling speed